Our vision

Our vision is to be recognised as a trusted global leader in skincare, delivering differentiated, science-led innovation and quality products across the care spectrum so that more people can discover and enjoy healthy skin.

At Stiefel, we're serious about skin.

Skin issues are more than skin deep and impact people's daily lives, and there are significant challenges facing those who advise and care for them. Skin issues can impact confidence and outlook at home, work and school. We're inspired by the difference that healthy skin can make, and that's why we're committed to finding effective solutions for skin conditions, not just partial or temporary remedies.


At Stiefel, we:
  • listen to what patients, physicians and care experts want and need
  • leverage our deep scientific expertise to find solutions
  • have an open, collaborative approach to research, working with commercial partners and specialists to address the challenges they face
  • are motivated to make a difference
  • are passionate about helping individuals to live well with their skin and to achieve a better quality of life.