Skin care: our focus

Providing effective, lasting solutions to help people living with skin conditions

There are five main areas of skin health that we focus on. Understanding what causes the conditions and their symptoms helps us develop treatments that make a difference.

Stiefel's five focus areas are:

We take a scientific approach to development, led by the experiences of people living with skin conditions. The conditions we tackle have different types and levels of severity, so patients' quality of life can be affected in many different ways. That's why we take a multi-faceted approach to treatment, looking for solutions ranging from and, where appropriate, combining daily skin care and prescription medication to help doctors and dermatologists to design customised treatment plans to meet patients' individual needs.

Innovation is very important to us. For the conditions we already focus on, we're passionate about finding more and better treatments to improve results and make usage easier and more convenient. We're also committed to innovation in new areas, investigating unmet patient needs for skin conditions and skin health. Our talented R&D team seeks to develop ground-breaking new ideas and approaches. We strongly believe that there's still more scope for major innovation - Stiefel wants to be at the forefront of potentially life-changing skin science discoveries.